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Wasser in all seinen Formen ist ein immer wieder beliebtes Thema in der Popmusik. Siehe auch Feuer.


über Wasser

über das Meer

über Flüsse

über Seen

verwandte Thematik




  • "Skid like a stone on the water" Badly Drawn BoyStone on the Water
  • "Der Baggersee war Ozean" Element Of CrimeDamals hinterm Mond
  • "And they singing at the bottom of the sea." I Am KlootMermaids
  • "She was all right / Yeah the sea was so tight / ... / Bottom of the ocean she dwells" InterpolStella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
  • "The sea will crowd us with lovers at night" InterpolTake You On A Cruise
  • "Die Flüsse werden für uns singen" KanteWarmer Abend
  • "We look out upon the sea " Maximo ParkThe Coast Is Always Changing
  • "Just fly the whole mess into the sea" The ShinsYoung Pilgrims
  • "You're as dark as the ocean" The TearsBeautiful Pain
  • "Sailing a canoe to where the wild things are" Infadels - Stories From The Bar