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Manchmal ist ein Song mehr als nur ein Song. Und manchmal auch nicht.





  • "And every song / Every single song on that tape / Said exactly the same thing" Art BrutMy Little Brother
  • "Get me away from here I'm dying / Play me a song to set me free" Belle And SebastianGet Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  • "In every song you've ever sung / You find the words were wrong" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubAs Sure As The Sun
  • "This song is not about you" Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHead Up High
  • "Where's the love song to set us free?" BlurOut Of Time
  • "Too may protest singers / Not enough protest songs" Edwyn CollinsA Girl Like You
  • "I wanted to write one perfect song / To make you cry in your sleep" Kevin DevineProtest Singer
  • "There are songs that should never be written / There are words that never should be said" Shout Out LoudsWish I Was Dead
  • "If you could see how good it could be / We'll sing these stupid songs forever" StarsailorLove Is Here
  • "I am the one / I sing the song" SuedeHave You Ever Been This Low?
  • "Ich lebe mich durch eines der schönsten Leben / mit den schönsten Songs der Welt" TomteGeigen bei Wonderful World