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Das gute alte Radio ist ein beliebtes Thema in der Indie-Musik, schließlich will man kommunizieren, dass man mit diesem Song auf keinen Fall im Radio gespielt werden möchte – oder eben doch. Siehe auch: Kategorie:Radiosender_und_-sendungen



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  • The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles): But there's some spirit I used to know / That's been drowned out by the radio
  • Babyshambles – Fuck Forever: They'll never play this on the radio
  • Beangrowers – Teen Titans: We never listen to the radio
  • The Features – There's A Million Way To Sing The Blues: I hear you whining on the radio / I see you whining on TV
  • Franz Ferdinand – You're The Reason I'm Leaving: As we ride along under an optimistic sun / The radio sings that 'Everybody' song by R.E.M.
  • Esthero – We R In Need of a Musical ReVoLuTIoN: I'm so sick and tired of the shit on the radio / and MTV, they only play the same thing / no matter where I go / I see Ashanti in the video / I want some thing more
  • Ben Kweller – Hospital Bed: She's the face on the radio / She's the body on the morning show
  • The Ordinary Boys – The List Goes On: Radio play just depresses me today / Why is it so throw away
  • Public Enemy – Don't Believe The Hype: In the daytime the radio's scared of me / Cause I'm mad, plus I'm the enemy / They can't c'mon and play with me in primetime
  • Josh Rouse – Caroliña: She sings along with her favorite songs on the radio
  • Slut – I Can Wait: Listen to the TV / While the radio keeps playing the same song
  • Elliott Smith – Baby Britain: The radio was playing 'Crimson and Clover'
  • The Smashing Pumpkins - I of the Mourning: "Radio, play my favourite song! Radio, Radio..."
  • The Strokes – Electricityscape: When you're closer now I know / You belong on the radio
  • Suede – The Wild Ones: There's a song playing on the radio / Sky high in the airwaves on the morning show / And there's a lifeline slipping as the record plays
  • Travis: Writing to reach you: Every day I wake up and it's Sunday / Whatever's in my head won't go away / The radio is playing all the usual / And what's a wonderwall anyway