No Music Day

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Am 21. November 2006 rief Bill Drummond (The KLF) den No Music Day aus.

Einen Tag lang soll jeder auf Musik verzichten, um sich der Grundbeschallung zu entsagen und der Bedeutung von Songs und Tönen wieder bewusst zu werden. Laut Drummond ist No Music Day an aspiration, an idea, an impossible dream, a nightmare.

Das offizielle Manifest liest sich so:

oh no music day:

no hymns will be sung

no records will be played on the radio

ipods will be left at home

rock bands will not rock

conductors will not take the podium

decks will not spin

the needle will not drop

the piano lid will not be lifted

films will have no soundtrack

jingles will not jangle

milkmen will not whistle

choirboys will shut their mouth

recording studios will not roll

MCs will not pass the mike

brass band pratice will be postponed

the strings will not serenade

plectrums will not pluck

record shops will be closed all day

and you will not take part in any sort of music making or listening whatsoever

no music day exists for various reasons, you may have one


  • Bill Drummond wählte den 21. November, because the 22nd of November is Saint Cecilia's day. Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music. In many countries the 22nd of November was the day chosen to give thanks for and to celebrate the existence of music.