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Wer mag ihn nicht, den großen, weißen, runden Typ, der immer eine Weile am Himmel rumhängt, sein Gewicht nicht unter Kontrolle hat und manchmal gar nicht nach Hause kommt. Manche sind nach ihm süchtig, andere machen große und kleine Schritte auf ihm und wieder andere singen von ihm. Siehe auch Sonne, Sterne und Science Fiction.

Songs über den Mond

Full Moon in my Pocket, 1979

Ralf Uebing, 2019

Alben über den Mond

Bands im Einklang mit dem Mond

Textzeilen über den Mond

  • "There's the moon asking to stay / Long enough for the clouds to fly me away" Jeff BuckleyGrace
  • "I can't get that sound you make out of my head / I can't even figure out what's making it / It feels like fingernails across the moon" Built To SpillHurt a Fly
  • "Oh, someone, please, the moon has raped me / I can feel it inside me" CursiveThe Lament of Pretty Baby
  • "I've been lacing up my coffee / And screaming at the moon" Dirty Pretty ThingsIf You Love A Woman
  • "I bounce these feelings off the moon / The echoes don't come back" ElbowMy Very Best
  • "Der Mond ist blass und wässrig / Ihre Lippen sind es auch" Element Of CrimeBlaulicht und Zwielicht
  • "Let's take the moon and make it shine for everyone" The Get Up KidsCampfire Kansas
  • "Jump with the moon and move it / Jump back and forth" GorillazDARE
  • "Don't look back keep your eyes ahead / This could be the night that the moon goes red" Kings Of LeonHoly Roller Novocaine
  • "Rice won't grow at home / And the moon doesn't favor girls" The Long WintersShapes
  • "Sometimes the moonglow / Plays tricks on your mind" The Magnetic FieldsLove In The Shadows
  • "These are all my rupturing cells / In my hand with seven old shells / That swam and sank in so many moons" SerafinSage Waits
  • "All things have a place / Under the moon as well as the sun" Elliott SmithLittle One
  • "Taking the moon in her bed like a lover / Letting him leave her / Taking no others" Ken StringfellowAny Love (Cassandra et Lune)
  • "Pull myself out of the moon / I know I'll never go there but / It's shining down from up on high" TravisTalking Down The Hill
  • "This is the moon without a tide" Yeah Yeah YeahsGold Lion