Jahrescharts (The Silent Ballet), 2008

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Jahrescharts 2008

Les Inrockuptibles

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The Silent Ballet
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The Top 50 Releases

Alben Songs
Band Album
01. Bohren & der Club of Gore Dolores
02. The Drift Memory Drawings
03. Neil on Impression L'oceano Delle onde che Restano onde per Sempre
04. Bersarin Quartett Bersarin Quartett
05. This is Your Captain Speaking Eternal Return
06. The Samuel Jackson Five Goodbye Melody Mountain
07. Jóhann Jóhannsson Fordlandia
08. Up C Down C Left C Right C ABC + Start Embers
09. Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
10. Takahiro Kido Fleursy Music
11. Emanuele Errante Humus
12. Akira Kosemura Tiny Musical
13. Peter Broderick Float
14. Anoice Out of Season
15. Beware of Safety dogs
16. Troubles Wolf
17. Evan Marc + Steve Hillage Dreamtime Submersible
18. Il Rumore del Fiore di Carta Fallen
19. Sgt. Stylus Fantasticus
20. The American Dollar A Memory Stream
21. Yasushi Yoshida Little Grace
22. Guapo Elixirs
23. Level Opale
24. Beneva Vs. Clark Nova Sombunall
25. My Education Bad Vibrations
26. The Seven Mile Journey The Metamorphosis Project
27. Strangers Die Every Day Aperture for Departure
28. Richard Skelton Marking Time
29. Because of Ghosts The Culture of Background Noise
30. Autistici Volume Objects
31. Sumner McKane What a Great Place to Be
32. Hammock Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
33. Arms and Sleepers Black Paris 86
34. Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker Fantasma Parastasie
35. The Evpatoria Report Maar
36. The Abbasi Brothers Something Like Nostalgia
37. Goldmund The Malady of Elegance
38. Robin Guthrie 3:19
39. Balmorhea Rivers Arms
40. Gifts from Enola & You.May.Die.in.the.Desert Harmonic Motion Volume I
41. Jacaszek Treny
42. Helios Caesura
43. Her Name is Calla The Heritage
44. Svartbag Svartbag
45. Thisquietarmy Unconquered
46. Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra
47. no.9 Usual Revolution and Nine
48. Grails Doomsdayer's Holiday
49. September Malevolence After this Darkness, There's a Next
50. Goddamn Electric Bill Topics for Gossip
Band Song
01. Up C Down C Left C Right C ABC + Start The Creeping Fear
02. The Samuel Jackson Five How to Evade Your Obsessive Shadow
03. This is Your Captain Speaking Incirculation
04. Grails Take Refuge
05. Mountains in the Sky Pons
06. Neil on Impression Barone
07. Sgt. 銀河を壊して発電所を創れ
08. Svartbag Black Capricorn
09. The Abbasi Brothers Stacy's Day Parade
10. Beneva Vs. Clark Nova 88 Kilos of Excrement
11. New Century Classics CCongratulate You, Where?
12. Earth Omens and Portens I: The Driver
13. Balmorhea The Summer
14. Bersarin Quartett Mehr als alles andere
15. Jóhann Jóhannsson Melodia (Guidelines for a Space Propulsion Device)
16. Bohren & der Club of Gore Unkerich
17. Motion Turns It On Timber!!!
18. Guapo Jeweled Turtle
19. The Drift Golden Sands
20. Mogwai I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
21. d_rradio Lifted
22. Sigur Rós Festival
23. Sleepmakeswaves One Day You Will Teach Me to Let Go of My Fears
24. Troubles My Yeshiva
25. My Education Arch
26. You.May.Die.in.the.Desert The Sound of Titans
27. The Evpatoria Report Eighteen Robins Road
28. Takahiro Kido Smile-Spotter Chronicle
29. Gifts from Enola Still Walks the Streets
30. Because of Ghosts Dreaming is Essential