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Ein Jahr ist lang, es kann viel passieren, es wird viel darüber gesungen, jedes Jahr ums neue. Siehe auch Zeit und Jahreszeiten oder Monate.


über das Jahr

über bestimmte Jahre




  • "Add up all the years that you've been gone / This is that new song / I told you about 20 years ago" Badly Drawn BoyThis Is That New Song
  • "Here, making each day of the year / Changing my life with a wave of her hand" The BeatlesHere, There And Everywhere
  • "Though the days are few they're filled with tears / And since I lost you it feels like years" The BeatlesYou Won't See Me
  • "It only happens once a year / It only happens once a lifetime" Belle And SebastianFox In The Snow
  • "The year's been good / We stopped time / The votes are in" MaritimeKing Of Doves
  • "Took a lot of tears but all you had to find was / Sympathetic years, the ones you left behind" Josh RouseSad Eyes
  • "It's gonna takes us years and years / To only get there" Shout Out LoudsSound Is The Word
  • "I've spent six years on your trail / Six full years of my life on your trail" The SmithsHalf A Person
  • "Oh look there goes another year / About as distant as a satellite" TravisSafe
  • "Twenty years of bad decisions haven't taught me much at all" We Are ScientistsTextbook