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Blue Flowers (1996) ist ein Stück von Dr. Octagon (* auf Jupiter)[1] und ein Remix-Phänomen, indem es der wahrscheinlich am meisten geremixte Track der Welt ist. Es existiert eine umtriebige Szene, die sich mit dem Remixen des Stücks beschäftigt, die Ergebnisse werden zumeist auf Youtube hochgeladen. Remixe auf Mo Wax existieren von Photek, DJ Hype, Dan The Automator, DJ Crystl, Prince Paul, Kut Masta Kurt.

Originale / Remixe auf Mo Wax


Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (PV) [3] bei Youtube

Blue Flowers (Automator-Remix). Dr Octagon überwindet die Welt während des Spiegelstadiums (ab min. 3:34).

Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers (Photek remix mo' wax recs 1996) [5] Uploader: The JungleDon

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Remixe / Mash Ups ungeordnet:



  • ‪Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers (Photek Mix)‬ [10] Uploader: Mickeybeam01

info: Uploaded on Feb 5, 2011. Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers (Photek Mix). Quality D&B remix from Photek. It's probably fair to say the DJ Hype remix was more widely played, but this is better in my opinion.

  • Dr. Octagon Blue Flowers Photek The Secondary Diagnostic Mix.wmv [11] Uploader: dirtyheadzblog

info: This EP pretty much all rocks. I don't prefer the Photek mix to the DJ Hype mix. Also, DJ Crystl has three great mixes on this one...will get you folks a taste of everything eventually!

  • DR Octagon - Blue Flowers (DJ Hype Remix) [12] Uploader: Mickeybeam01

info: DR Octagon - Blue Flowers (DJ Hype Remix) / I uploaded the excellent Photek mix on the flip, but here is DJ Hype remix.

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (The Flower Bed Mix *1) [DJ Crystl Remix] [13] Uploader: incogpraecox

info: Remixes 12" ('96)




  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Dj Down Pat Blend) [15] Uploader: Christian Brooks

info: This is a pretty old blend of mine. Im reposting it because the old was such poor quality. So its all bettah now :) For all to enjoy in good quality and not blurry pictures!

  • Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers (Black Grass Remix) [16] Uploader: koaste

info: Very rare and unreleased remix of Dr Octagon's Blue Flowers by Brighton\'s Mex aka Black Grass.

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (work springtime remix) [17] Uploader: worksounds

info: Turn it up. Look at the sunshine. Mmmmmm.

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Unda Sinista Remix) [18] Uploader: withoutrecords

info: Unda Sinista presents Blue Flowers Remix...

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers In Brooklyn Zoo [19] Uploader: ADP3000

info: Just a mix up with Dr. Octagon Blue Flowers Acapella and ODB Brooklyn Zoo Instrumental. Enjoy

  • Dr octagon blue flowers vers court scratching by djbk1 [20] Uploader: djBeyondakabk1

info: scratching session archives 2007 djbk1

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Kid Quebek & Dialect Remix) [21] Uploader: djdialect

info: Kid Quebek & Dialect's remix of Dr. Octagon's "Blue Flowers" mega tune...

  • Blue Flowers -- Dr. Octagon cover -- By: Bobee [22] Uploader: brianthelion79

info: Bobee covers one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of all-time. Bout to start a hip-hop cover album. This is track #1. Bobee is a bedroom indie/pop/hip-hop project, much in the same vein as Why?. Btw, sorry - Flash is a motherfucker, so I gave up on the original animation and made this convulsion-inducing yawn-fest (contradiction??) to go with it. Again, my bad. Video sucks. http://bobee.bandcamp.com/

  • Dr. Octagon. Blue Fowers remix by Cintus Suprimus [23] Uploader: tbonewatson

info: i made this track with logic pro 8 using a dr octagon acapella. made the video to go with it. enjoy!

  • Drive It Like You Stole Blue Flowers - Glitch Mob vs. Dr. Octagon - Mixed by DJ Jake AKA MC Ekaj [24] Uploader: Jake Foster

info: This is protected by Fair Use.

  • Blue Flowers M.Fusion Remix [25] Uploader: Galaxian7000

info: "Blue Flowers" original version by Dr. Octagon. remix by M.Fusion. Video remixed and arranged by M.Fusion

  • Blue Flowers - Good And Evil Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Pex-Sawdah) LaKass [26] Uploader: colliesimba

info: Blue Flowers - Good And Evil Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Pex-Sawdah) LaKass. Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers Instrumental

  • Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon (instrumental) [27] Uploader: boubix

info: Instrumentalyst : Octagon Beats (1997)

  • kool-keith blue flowers remix 2009 [28] Uploader: melfloo

info: remix by Mel

  • blue flowers twisted featus remix [29] Uploader: Paul Cuthbert

keine Beschreibung

  • Dr Octagon - Blue flowers (Unda Sinista remix) [30] Uploader: wutangtherza

keine Beschreibung

  • Dr Octagon Blue Flowers remix [31] Uploader: mrwullieblake

info: A remix of Dr Octagon track Blue Flowers i did using drum, electric guitar, bass and synth samples along with an acapella version of Blue Flowers that i came across on youtube, its a bit less laid back than the original and plays off the vocal rhythms very differently.

  • Team Teamwork Remix: Blue Flowers - Dr Octagon (Yoshi's Island) [32] Uploader: q0zi

info: Off Team Teamwork's album Super Nintendo Sega Genesis.

  • Team Teamwork - Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Yoshi's Island) [www.youtube.com/watch?v=af1mPYMQE_M] Uploader: tmtmwrk

info: From the album "Super Nintendo Sega Genesis"

  • Dr. Doom Instrumentalremixe [33] Uploader: TheStoriesGayseuss

Diverse Instrumentalremixe (die letzten von 2010).

Mash Ups

  • Mashup massive octagon [34] Uploader: 49135

info: samples; Massive Attack (Flat Of The Blade, Angel (blur remix), special cases). Q-bert (Fourteen) / Dr Octagon (Blue flowers acapella) / Daniel Johnston - (Some things last a long time) / Animal collective - (Untitled, Flesh Canoe) / Wu Lyf - (Cave Song) / Daft Punk - (Oh Yeah)

  • Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers (Liquid Lines mashup) [35] Uploader: James Mendenhall

info: Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers vs Pretty Lights - Total Fascination mixed by Liquid Lines

  • Drive It Like You Stole Blue Flowers - Glitch Mob vs. Octagon [36] Uploader: Ksmitty227

info: Dr. Octagon vs. The Glitch Mob. A mashup between Drive it like you stole it and Blue Flowers

  • Blue Flowers in to the Future [37] Uploader: kurtdurnberg

info: Oh shizzle. Dr. Octagonacologyst is THE paramedic Fetus of the East with priests!!!! Mashup, ya'all. Dr. Octagon's classic 'Blue Flowers' meets good Steven the Miller with his TimeLess Classic Fly like an Eagle. Props where props belong. On the stage. By the gaffer. Rubber chickens and Such. Goodnight. I'm going sleeep.

  • Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers VS The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It (Mixed By Dj Desu) [38] Uploader: rockjam222


Blue Flowers Lyrics [39] mit Erklärungen bei Rapgenius


Dan The Automator verwendet Samples von Béla Bartóks Violinkonzert No. 2.[2]


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