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Nicht selten ist ein Song auch als Brief zu verstehen, an die/den Verflossene/n, vergangene Freunde oder gar Feinde. Gibt jedenfalls viel zu tun für Mr. Postman.


über Briefe

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  • "I'm not sending one letter or even a postcard back" Art BrutMoving To L.A.
  • "I wrote a letter on a nothing day / I asked somebody 'Could you send my letter away?' / 'You are too young to put all of your hopes in just one envelope'" Belle And SebastianIf She Wants Me
  • "So don't send me letters / And don't mail me cash" The CardigansDon't Blame Your Daughter
  • "Pick up the letters and set them on fire" The ChaletsGogo Don't Go
  • "Right there, that's the postman sleeping in the sand / He's got a letter to deliver, but I can't stay mad, oh" Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley BandGet-Well-Cards
  • "Mr. Postman / do you have a letter for me? / From my own true love / Lost at sea" The DecemberistsFrom My Own True Love (Lost At Sea)
  • "You're reading the letters / That no one ever wrote." I Am KlootMermaids
  • "I kept the letters that you sent me" Maximo ParkKiss You Better
  • "Stop sending letters / Letters always get burned" RadioheadMotion Picture Soundtrack
  • "But I've got your letter and you've got my song" WeezerAcross The Sea