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  • "New brighton promenade / It's 1983 / Forever on the place / Where the baths used to be" aus New Brighton Promenade von The Boo Radleys
  • "That's where she still was the summer she turned 17 / In 1983, three weeks after me" aus Twin Falls von Built To Spill
  • "You were standing next to me in '82 and '83 / In all that time I barely proved that I love you" aus Listen to This von Dexy's Midnight Runners
  • "I think it was in ’83 my father left the family / But came back three weeks later for a love both firm and stable." aus Lee Remick von Hefner
  • "The music came along and gave new life to me / And gave me hope back in 1983" aus Working at the Factory von The Kinks
  • "R.E.M. / Flashback to 1983 / Chronic Town was their first EP" aus Unseen Power of the Picket Fence von Pavement
  • "Some joker in a headband was still / Getting chicks for free / And big brother was still watching you / Back in the days of '83" aus Last Day of the Miners' Strike von Pulp
  • "I'll meet you in West Germany / October 1983" aus Strasbourg von The Rakes
  • "You were a new waver, it was 1983 / I was new on the scene" aus Middle School Frown von Josh Rouse
  • "Started back in ‘83 started seeing things a differently and Hardcore wasn’t doin’ it for me no more" aus Gimme Indie-Rock von Sebadoh



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