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Ein Tag ist nicht unbedingt nur ein Tag. Deswegen legt die Popmusik des öfteren wert darauf, sich auf einen bestimmten Tag festzulegen. Siehe auch Zeit und Tag.


die Woche











  • „You couldn't have done that on a Sunday“ Arctic MonkeysFrom The Ritz To The Rubble
  • „Wednesday morning at five o'clock / As the day begins / ... / Friday morning, at nine o'clock / She is far away“ The BeatlesShe's Leaving Home
  • „On Saturday I was an angel shining fair“ Belle And SebastianThe Boy Done Wrong Again
  • „I can't stand the crowds on a Saturday night“ Graham CoxonGimme Some Love
  • „On the silver dawn of Sunday / You're not sure what you've done“ CursiveA Gentleman Caller
  • „I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Sunday / ... / Entered the scene I'm told on I think it was Monday“ Death Cab For CutiePresident Of What?
  • „When every Thursday, I'd brave those mountain passes / And you'd skip your early classes and we'd learn how our bodies worked“ Death Cab For CutieWe Looked Like Giants
  • „It's a motherfucker / Getting through a Sunday“ EelsIt's A Motherfucker
  • „One more Saturday / All alone through the night“ EelsSomebody Loves You
  • „You were the sun in my Sunday morning“ ElbowGreat Expectations
  • „You'd go out Monday too / And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 'till it all caught up with you“ Hard-FiFeltham Is Singing Out
  • „Friday night I'll raise my glass and say / 'Tomorrow things will change! I can't afford to wait' / But by Monday morning my alarm clock knows / How this story goes and the ending's the same as the start“ Hot Hot HeatJingle Jangle
  • „I pick you up on monday morning / In the street“ KashmirBig Fresh
  • „So at my show on Monday / I was told that someday /.../ And at the show on Tuesday / She was in her mindset “ The KooksShe Moves in Her Own Way
  • „Don't wanna go to school on Monday / Don't wanna go to school on Tuesday / Don't wanna go to school on Thursday / Don't wanna listen to what they say“ The MopedsLife's Too Short To Hurry
  • „We are satisfied / From Monday till Friday / And on Sunday we cry“ The NotwistSolitaire
  • „Why don't you come over Thursday / Maybe we can talk it through“ Pedro The LionForegone Conclusions
  • „I need one day a week / For my cuts to heal / Take every Monday off / With my blood shot eyes“ The RakesThe Guilt
  • „Friday night, we're so uptight we get stoned / Sit in the Hamptons, it is too cold“ Josh RouseWinter In The Hamptons
  • „Sonntag Morgen und vorbei ist die Nacht / Drei Stunden Schlaf und schon wieder wach“ Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie - Unten mit dem King
  • „Sunday morning / A revelation / I saw myself as / My own salvation“ SerafinNo Happy
  • „Circuit rider comes every fifth sunday“ Elliott SmithCoast To Coast
  • „Friday nights have been lonely“ The Strokes12:51
  • „Wednesday is over / It's over again“ The StrokesThe Way It Is
  • „Der schönste Tag in meinem Leben war ein Donnerstag“ TocotronicDer schönste Tag in meinem Leben
  • „Every day I wake up and it's Sunday / ... / Maybe then tomorrow will be Monday / And whatever's in my eye should go away“ TravisWriting To Reach You
  • „Monday night I'm makin' Jen / Tuesday night I'm makin' Lyn / Wednesday night I'm makin' Catherine“ WeezerTired Of Sex