Blackmail – Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Do Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Remix zu: Science Fiction
Veröffentlicht: 10. März 2000
Label & Vertrieb: Nois-O-Lution (Vielklang)
Albumlänge: Min
Genre: Triphop
Formate: CD

1999Science Fiction

Do Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?

2001Bliss, Please

Do Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep? ist ein Remix-Album zum 1999 veröffentlichten Album Science Fiction der Band Blackmail. Es wurde 2000 auf Nois-O-Lution veröffentlicht und über EFA vertrieben.

Der Albumtitel ist an den Romantitel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" von Philip K. Dick angelehnt.


  1. Londerla (Killer Loop Remix), remixed by Mindbeat Productions
  2. Dull (Darkhiper Remix), remixed by Dazerdoreal
  3. Feeble Bee (Peppermint Remix), remixed by Regie 48
  4. Gone Too Soon Too Far (Soon Too Double Far Gone Remix), remixed by Jean Michel
  5. The Fjords of Zimbabwe (Evil Fishing Remix), remixed by Star Wreckas
  6. Mu (Flute's Are No Instruments-Version), remixed by Navel
  7. Dental Research '72 (The Song Formerly Known as Nostra-Mix), remixed by Turner
  8. Nostra (Zipped Close Remix), remixed by Albertil
  9. Smoke Gutter (G.I.D. Is a DJ Remix), remixed by The Sushi Brothers
  10. Iodine, performed by Scumbucket
  11. 3.000.000 Years from Here (If Goth Is Around the Corner Remix), remixed by Miranda
  12. When I Met Bon I Changed the Tempi, remixed by Blackmail
  13. Soon Too Far Gone Far (Slowfuck-Version), remixed by Der Weltraumbruder
  14. 3.000.000 Years from Here (Space Madison Remix), remixed by Armstrong
  15. Stabilo Pink, remixed by Der Weltraumbruder